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We at BPAL create and share so much more than just perfume, and we hate how reliant we've become on social media to get the word out -- especially now that we have to pay untrustworthy companies like Facebook to "boost" content.

We're also aware how many people are looking for fewer excuses to check social media altogether, and that retailers are already emailing you more "marketing content" than you can handle. We can relate! 

So here's the plan. Going forward, in addition to mailing our occasional product and event announcements, we'll also regularly share fun, community-oriented bits such as:

☠️ Our weekly roundup of spooky news links from around the web

☠️ A semi-monthly bazaar of impressive items for sale at our various friends' shops and crowdfunding pages.

☠️ Occasional calls to action related to First Amendment and civil rights issues, via partners such as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

It's hard to imagine this amounting to more than two or three emails a week, with no increase in sales pitches.

If you'd prefer to continue receiving ONLY our product announcements, we totally understand, and have created a new mailing list expressly for that purpose. Enjoy your quieter inbox -- we're already kind of jealous of it! We'll keep providing that link as we proceed, so you can easily swing from one tier to another as you wish. (Don't forget to unsubscribe from our main list if you're already enrolled.)

As a company, BPAL will live or die based on our ability to keep enchanting our customers, both new and old. But we've never been just a company: we're a culture, and a broad extended family, and we want to make sure our primary point of contact with you reflects that. 

Thanks for listening! We welcome your feedback as we make this shift. 
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